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Instructions PLAY2EARN

IMPORTANT: Read Before Playing!

Welcome to the official $DAC play2earn game (PC only – Mobile coming soon!)

In order to play the game you must hold a minimum of 500mil $DAC tokens in your wallet.

Use the bellow connect wallet button to connect your wallet and start the game.

In order to be eligible for a prize you must enter the last 5 symbols of your wallet address as your in game name (mandatory). A screenshot of the leaderboard will be taken each Sunday at a random time and published on the official $DAC accounts displaying the winners. The top 5 ranking players will be rewarded with the following prizes:

1st place – $1000 in $DAC

2nd place – $500 in $DAC

3rd place – $250 in $DAC

4th place – $150 in $DAC

5th place – $100 in $DAC

In order to claim your prize you must reach out to one of the Telegram admins (after the screenshot with the winners has been published) and send your full wallet address (it must match the last 5 symbols you used for your in game name). After that the prize will be sent to your wallet.

Players have time until the next screenshot (Sunday) to claim their prize. If they fail to claim it in time their prize will be distributed evenly amongst the new winners increasing their prize.

One wallet cannot win multiple prizes! i.e. If one wallet places in multiple top 5 spots (for instance 2nd and 4th) it will be rewarded with the prize associated with its highest placement only (2nd place prize, 4th placement will be ignored). This method will be applied until 5 top ranking wallets have been identified.
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